The Coffee Craftswoman

Here at Lovely Homes Realty, assisting our clients with the sale or purchase of a property is what we do. Though we love the excitement that comes with each new house on the market, we know that a house isn’t a home without a buyer. Once a sale is complete, buyers moving in make the

Business Built from Beauty

Here at Lovely Homes Realty, we never stop working for you. Each step taken with our clients is the result of careful consideration to their specific needs. When we come across other business owners who who also show high regard for the people they serve, we stand up and take notice. Businesses who always have

Mr. Mechanic

Here at Lovely Homes Realty, we pride ourselves on being available to our clients. We know you live a full life with a busy schedule, even while looking for a new home. As experts in our field, we believe in working around our clients schedule to help them see the property at the time that

Did you know…

  You should hire a Realtor for your next new construction home purchase? Having your own real estate advocate can be an amazing resource as a buyer, especially when dealing with new construction. With many details to manage, having your home built is no small task. When enlisting the help of a personal real estate

First Impressions

As a luxury boutique brokerage, Lovely Homes Realty has a very particular standard when it comes to the quality of our work. In every aspect of our business, we strive to give our customers the very best of what the Southwest Washington area has to offer.   We recognize that we aren’t the only experts

The Memory Maker

Here at Lovely Homes Realty, we know the individual who impacts our community on the greatest level, is the one who makes it their personal mantra to spread positivity within their circle of influence. People like this are great examples of how much happiness one business owner can spread when they are determined to use

An Educational Adventure

When looking to buy a home in any given neighborhood, what are some of the things you consider while picking out a community that suits you best? For many, nearby options for education play a huge part in the evaluation process of finding the right home. Schools, libraries and other avenues of continued learning all

Dedication By The Decades

One of the greatest elements in the real estate business is the wonderful people who, working together, create an industry that you can rely on to find you the home or property of your dreams. Lovely Homes Realty is proud to work with such people to build a better home buying experience for you! The